EXCEEDO - Premium Recycle

Exceedo is an environmentally preferable multipurpose office paper that made from mixed recycled content such as post consumer fibers.

Good environmental attribute reflects concerned commitment to high standard in environmental practices.

Exceedo office paper is a smart and responsible choice for they who strive for quality and cares for environment.

Highlight Features:

- Higher brightness (up to 93%), compare with other recycle products
- Recyclable and biodegradable
- Acid free
- Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)
- Optimized smoothness on both side
- Good Opacity (more than 80%) means good performance for both side printing
- Good paper formation providing uniformity printing image
- Reliable and trouble free performance in every sheet
- Suitable for photocopy machine, laser printing, inkjet printing

Product Ranges: 70, 75 and 80 gsm
Recycle content: 30% and 90%

Available in:
:: Exceedo Woodfree ::
suitable for offset printing ( web and sheet fed offset)
White 30% recycled 70 gsm
Natural 90% recycled 70 gsm
61 x 88 cm & 65 x 100 cm

:: Exceedo Photocopy Paper (PPC) ::
suitable for photocopy machine, laser printing
White 30% recycled 75 gsm
Natural 90% recycled 80 gsm
A4 size

Recommended Applications: tabloids, documents, flyers, brochures, etc.

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