YUPO Syntethic Paper is a combination of plastic and paper chemical additives without any wood pulp. YUPO possesses adhesive adaptability far ahead of normal plastic products. YUPO is superior to other kinds in gauge uniformity, writeability, surface smoothness and prevention of static electricity. YUPO can be succesfully applied to a very wide variety of fields, from industrial use to householduse. YUPO is now being sold worldwide and it has been succesfully creating many new products in every field of application. Available in: FPG 80FEB 95FEB 110FEB 130FEB 150FEB 200FEB 250FEB 300TPRA  60TPRA  90 YUPO BLUEis Yupo Corporation’s newest synthetic paper and certified the run on the *HP Indigo. CHARACTERISTICS    Perfect for short-run and customized pieces.    No top coating required before printing.    Good ink adhesion. No smear, chipping or scratching.     Chemical, tear and stain resistant.    Superior among synthetic for dimensional stability.     100% waterproof. Available in: YPBL 150YPBL 200YPBL 300YUPOOCTOPUSXAD 1058 Application ExamplesMenu, Swatchbook, Brochure, Hang tag/POP, Label, Photo Book, Business Card, Paper Bag, Packaging Labels and Tag, Publication and Map, General Graphic and Communication, etc. YUPO BLUE is not compatible for use with inkjet or laser printers.

As one of Indonesia's largest paper distributor, PT. Surya Palacejaya is in class of its own, providing an extensive choice of quality paper. Ranging from the standart white typing paper to exquisite fancy paper and digital printing media manufacturing by well-known foreign and local paper milis.

Seminar David Berman: Beyond Brand & Design

HeadLine: Seminar Beyond Brand and Design Tema: Bagaimana melakukan branding yang menguntungkan dan bertanggung jawab. Tanggal Acara: Jumat, 27 Mei…